Amy Johnson and her Personal Producers offer a unique and holistic approach to taking your ideas from concept to completion. One creative solution at a time.  

Whether launching a cutting-edge creative endeavor, re-igniting your current business, or embarking on a new infrastructure for your home, Amy Johnson and her Personal Producers work from the inside out to create a sustainable roadmap uniquely suited to each person and business in order to meet their project goals.

Prioritizing process and foundational infrastructure, Personal Producers works with clients to clarify and define values, understand needs and intentions which in turn initiates specific projects all the way to desired outcome. Through a collaborative process, Personal Producers helps clients integrate ideas and plans to best actualize goals of all scales, shapes and sizes. Personal Producers turns the most cluttered challenged among us into organizational productive wizards.   

Just as film producing facilitates the arc of a movie from script to screen, Personal Producing does the same for their client’s visions, nurturing them from that first creative spark into full-blown, actualized reality.

Personal Producers founder, Amy Johnson brings to her work over twenty-five years experience as a producer in theater, film, photography, design and business.  

You are the director of your own life.  You want a strong producer.  Personal Producers is yours.

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Watch Amy Johnson interviewed by Pat Pattison on Remade in California 2018


Personal Producers

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