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Organizational Support for Children, Parents and Families

Ever notice how the busier life gets, the more stuff we accumulate? Organization, time management and planning have never been more essential. These valuable life skills are needed to navigate our own increasingly complicated lives. Yet, children in particular do not have the opportunity to learn them. Fortunately, with Organizational Support, these skill sets can be taught and developed for children and parents in a fun, engaging and holistic way.

What is Organization Support?

• One-on-one support for parents and children to establish organizational systems.
• A creative process, to develop a customized toolbox of organizational strategies for each member of the family.  
• A mix of traditional modalities, mindfulness, innovative and out-of-the box approaches.
• A specialty service offered by Amy Johnson and her Personal Producers, a holistic project management service for homes and businesses.

Organizational Support helps kids as well as their parents develop healthy sustainable habits, and set them up for living meaningful, productive, less stressful lives.

What specific areas could Organizational Support address? Some ideas:

• Household, Rooms or Materials organization
• Money Management / Young Entrepreneurship 
• Scheduling / Time management
• Project management / Executive functioning support 

Parents are often surprised to learn that most kids actually enjoy the process of taking care of their things and responsibilities, once they learn how to do it -- and develop the confidence that they can.

What are some of the benefits of Organizational Support?

• Reduced stress and anxiety
• Peace of mind to the child, parent and families
• More time for fun and  personal interests
• Improved productivity, focus, and time management

• Enhanced mindset that will develop over time.

Organizational Support is offered to school-aged children, 5th grade thru high school (aged 10-18), as well as for parents who would like to improve their own organizational strategies.

Organizational Support is helpful to all members of the family, including those with sensitivities, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, focusing issues, and executive functioning issues. 

Custom packages available. Email Amy to Inquire.